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Hi! Welcome to the Jack Fayter website. Here I've collected together all of the legalese to do with your data and how you use my site. Take a little read so you know what I'm up to. Enjoy.


I will never sell your data or make it available to any third parties without your permission, I use industry standard protection to keep your data secure, and I don't track individuals. I use cookies and Google Analytics to track data, and Google Tag Manager to help run campaigns from my web platforms. By using my site you agree to the following terms and my privacy policy. There is a chance I might use your data for following up sales leads, and for getting feedback, as well as providing support to you if you are a current customer. Phew.


By using my websites, you agree to the following Terms of Use (hence 'Terms'), as well as additional Terms as set out by my web partners Wix. Take a look at them to ensure you are happy to be using the website and Jack Fayter’s information. These Terms of Use apply across all of my web properties including the domains: jackfayter.com.

I reserve the right to change these Terms and all information on my sites without any notice to visitors. I'll post my up-to-date Terms and Privacy Policy on jackfayter.com on this page. Using my site after any changes are made to the Terms means you agree to those Terms.

I love my customers and visitors and am passionate about your online security and privacy. I take great care over the data you might share with me and any personal information submitted. Please take a look below for some info on how I use your information and how my site works.

Find my Privacy Policy here.

Security Of Data You Give Us

I use industry standard protection on data I collect, process and store. This applies to all disclosed information and data sent to me via my web platforms. I use Google Drive & Microsoft OneDrive to underpin the secure storage of data, and my website uses Wix as web builder as well as content management system, and thus benefit from the security of their technologies. Wix's Terms of Use can be found here.

Giving Us Data

I love my customers and visitors getting in touch with me. When you contact me through my web platforms you agree that any of your submitted information is provided as non-confidential. CVs sent for consideration for employment or association are the only exception to this, where only necessary recruitment staff may have information shared with them.

Content Ownership

All content and resources held on Jack Fayter web properties, whether in previous, current or future versions, registered or not, is owned, controlled or licensed to Jack Fayter. This includes text, graphics, concepts, products and rich media. All content is subject to and protected by UK intellectual property law. All content included within my web properties, products and applications may not be used in any way (reproduced, modified, adapted, resold, published, distributed or copied) without gaining written prior permission. Permission is granted for download, display and print use in relation to promotion of Jack Fayter products within your organisation, or for personal or educational use.  Copyright notices and credit to Jack Fayter must be displayed in these cases. When you use Jack Fayter web properties you are agreeing to abide by UK intellectual property laws as well as any specific copyright notices on my sites. Usage rights not specifically granted upon application are reserved by me.

Copyright Infringement

Please do not use content or text from Jack Fayter web properties and sites in any manner that may infringe statutory or copyright rights of third party organisations or sites. I also would like to know if you believe any of my content infringes your copyright or if any imagery requires third party credit. I strive to create all artwork in-house from scratch, but in articles, blog posts, or whitepapers there may be accidental unauthorised imagery without credit. I take full responsibility for the display of copyrighted material and will remove any that are deemed contradictory to law or artists' creative ownership. If you would like to query anything with me or send me an Copyright Infringement Complaint, please email me here.

Using My Sites Improperly

You are agreeing to not use Jack Fayter sites or web properties in an improper or unauthorised way. You must not:

  • Use hacking, brute force, password tracking, malware or any other way to gain access to any part of this website, my networks, apps, customer data, my web properties or data, systems or networks linked to Jack Fayter.

  • Use any means to attempt to gain access to any information, documents or data not expressly made available through external channels including this website.

  • Use any means including hacking or vandalism to attempt to restrict or tamper with the operation of this website or any Jack Fayter system or web property. You must not prevent any visitors from accessing or using my web properties by any means.


Linking To My Sites

I love everyone knowing about me and my work and I love it when my customers and visitors spread awareness of me and my products. This may involve linking to my sites and services or my social media pages. I really appreciate getting the word out about the work I do but there are a couple of things to note. 

I let you link to the Jack Fayter Website and web properties within your organisation freely, but on public websites, forums or social media sites I only permit the sharing and linking of publicly available Jack Fayter webpages and social media posts.

Linking is only allowed as a text link, in full text, and URLs are not to be shortened using popular URL shortening tools.

I only permit links to my pages, properties and posts that do not:

  • Frame or bind any part of my website or post content.

  • Alter the look and feel of my web properties.

  • Look to combine your organisation's services and products with Jack Fayter's or misrepresent your relationship with or use of Jack Fayter's services.

  • Duplicate my web content, intellectual property, imagery, media or text copy infringing my statutory rights and UK copyright laws.

  • Use my logos, trademarks, intellectual property, imagery, media or text copy in any way not explicitly permitted by Jack Fayter.

  • Create incorrect impressions of your relationship with Jack Fayter or seek to damage Jack Fayter's reputation or services.

  • Alter the effectiveness of my SEO, search rankings, trademarks or copyright by use of hidden metatags or text, or any other means.

  • Appear alongside web sites, services or products that may create a false affiliation or might bring Jack Fayter into disrepute.


You may only use my corporate logo as seen on my website or brand assets web page as imagery alongside linking to Jack Fayter web properties, websites and services. I reserve the right to ask you to remove any links to my content that I deem inappropriate.


General Note

These Terms are a binding agreement regarding your use and access of this website and Jack Fayter web properties between you and me. You are also agreeing to abide by UK intellectual property laws and any other applicable UK law relating to proper use of online resources, websites and content. In the case of violations of the Terms, Jack Fayter reserves the right to revoke access to web properties, applications and content, as well as seek legal advice and any remedy that may be applicable in law.

Here we are at the end! Thanks for getting through all that. Now enjoy using my websites, apps, services and web platforms!

Revised: 17/11/2017