the labour party

I worked with Gloucester Labour Party from the end of 2016 until January 2019 to redesign their website, leaflet designs and overall communications strategy. I've advised on data collection and analysis, targeting using online data, and social media campaigns.​

Check out some of my marketing & events work below

website redesign


logo & branding creation

I took inspiration from the skyline of the city of Gloucester for the party's logo, with the Cathedral in the back, and the docks, Kingsholm, and even the hospital chimney represented.

labour party events & fundraising


I've spent much of 2017 and 2018 helping produce several large scale events for the Labour Party in Gloucester with fundraising targets set at £2000 for 2017 to be raised by events,


Ensuring I hit that target, I leveraged much of the money from co-promotion agreements with Trades Unions including CWU, USDAW and Unite.

In October 2017 I co-produced an evening of cinema, where I worked with councillors and officers of the party along with Mark Cunningham at the Sherborne Cinema, filmmakers Christie Allanson and Daniel Draper of production company Shut Out the Light, to organise a screening and Q&A of the award-winning documentary 'Nature of the Beast'. This event raised £700 and had 110 attendees, selling out several weeks before the screening. One attendee described the event as 'Brilliant, and the film a 'Tender portrait of a Labour Titan'.

I have now planned the production of two significant events with Labour for the second half of 2018:

  • A South West New Economics Conference in November 2018

  • 'Powerful Women: Gloucester Labour does the History Festival' in September 2018


These events are two large conferences. I have been working to book venues and speakers, and have mapped out the costs and expected returns. Both events will start being advertised imminently. There is a fundraising target of £2000 per event, so I have been liaising with Trades Unions and regional party supporting societies like the Co-op Party. I have secured £1000 towards the History Festival event already.

breathing new life into constructivism

To help with fundraising, I recreated a new digital vector version of the famous lithographic constructivist poster by Lazar Markovich Lissitzky called 'Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge ("Клином красным бей белых!").

Representing socialism's defeat of the bourgeoise, this poster is widely hailed as a pinnacle of early constructivist art. There is no large printable copy available, so I recreated it in a scalable format for print. I many of the lines are hand drawn using a digital tablet to echo Lissitzky's hand drawn poster. The colouring and textures have been designed to mimic the original as closely as possible.


Several limited edition prints have been put on sale and have raised significant funds. If you would like a print, please contact me. Please do not print this image without permission.