jump cut film festival (2013-14)

As an independent producer, I created Jump Cut Film Festival in 2013 with videographer Ally Watson, and screen actor Antonia Tootill. The festival was designed to give a platform to young filmmakers across the South West, and we reached out to youth organisations, universities and through a big online campaign to get as many submissions as possible.

The festival was a one-day programme of talks, Q&As, screenings, drinks, networking and fun! We wanted to give young filmmakers the opportunity to chat with industry professionals who had just had an opportunity to watch their work.


The festival was free at the point of entry, which is often a barrier to young filmmakers exhibiting their work. To support this I organised a significant fundraising scheme, and we obtained £3k of funding. This allowed us to give exposure online to over 100 young filmmakers, whose films through the Jump Cut platform were watched tens of thousands of times. The official selection contained 20 short films.

Part of the success of the festival was the development of the viral part of the competition. By making one of the awards a 'people's choice' award, awarded to the film with the most likes online through our site, the filmmakers themselves promoted the festival (and indirectly their competitors' films). This resulted in a huge reach for the festival, and significant interest from backers, and participants. It meant that we sold out our available attendee tickets two weeks before the festival.

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advertising jump cut

I commissioned rich media to advertise the festival online. Our radio spot was played on BCFM, SAMFM and BURST Radio in Bristol, and our submissions trailer, along with various social media posts resulted in over 100 submissions to the festival. The above festival trailer was played at the opening of the festival programme.

I commissioned a set of posters to support the call for submissions and these were sent to partner universities, youth organisations and were put up throughout Bristol. Award-winning designer Guy Sanders designed the poster campaign.

the festival programme

have a read of the festival programme, with all the information on our wonderful tea, partners and supporters.

the festival website

Check out the website design. Most of the linked film content has expired, and its domain has been given up, but you can still explore it.

funding the festival

When producing Jump Cut Short Film Festival, I applied to the University of Bristol Alumni Fund, a competitive pot of money where I needed to demonstrate that the event would have a significant impact for participants and for audiences. I showed this by highlighting the gap in provision of a free-to-enter festival for young or start-up filmmakers in the South West, and that by the time we applied for funding we already had over fifty submissions to the festival from young people of all backgrounds. We gained £1000 of funding from the Alumni Fund.


Additionally, I pitched the festival at industry partners for corporate sponsorship. Aspect Film & Video, a boutique music video and documentary production company based in central Bristol, was impressed at the reach of the online competition part of the festival and provided an addition £2000 funding.

Our venues (Zero Degrees Bristol & Watershed) were also convinced to provide support to the festival in-kind. Watershed's technical support for the screenings and talks was invaluable, and Zero Degrees donated venue hire for the afternoon/evening.