designing: feed (2013)

In 2013 I designed the lighting, video and projection design for Feed. The show was constructed from lots of individual devised scenes strung together around a central theme. The lighting and video design had to provide some aesthetic links. You can read my critical response to the work here.

Feed explored the impact of social media, internet technologies and digital self expression on individual and group conduct and attempted to look at what is gained and what is lost by the increasing digitalisation of the self. Different physical and vocal performance styles were twinned with mobile technologies onstage such as handheld projectors, smartphones and laptops in order to explore physical relationships to digital expression. The source material for much of the performance was taken from current digital trends in self-expression including YouTube video blogs, anonymous commentary on the Internet and Facebook comments. This created an air of vacuousness that was explored through vocal repetition and the juxtaposition of physical movements, exaggeration and original source video. Many of these videos were manipulations of the stimulus YouTube clips, used as real world reference points alongside abstract physical performance.


I designed a lengthy and hugely complicated piece of interactive projection mapping for the close of the show, which showed the ordinary self clothed in the nonsense digital version. This was a huge technical challenge. I choreographed the movement of the various pieces of set so that it was positioned exactly as required for the mapping, and then we choreographed the performers to move through the set. To make the projection required a significant amount of maths (and trial and error). You can watch it below.

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This video shows the effect of my interactive projection mapping, where performers and video form part of the same choreography.