designing: codpiece extravagency

or 'murder, murder craves' (2013)

I designed the lighting and a three-dimensional projected ghost for this showcase of scenes from 16th and 17th Century revenge drama. The ghost tied the showcase together as narrator. The scenes were performed in different parts of a large blackbox. It was a promenade performance.

The lighting was clean, open white and designed to let the actors speak for themselves. I did light one scene entirely by candles (which, while beautiful, was a nightmare to keep control of).


For the ghost, high above the middle of floor, I hung three roughly cut strips of gauze, one behind the other and projected a ghostly figure through them (see below). The light going through each piece of gauze and onto the next gave the figure the impression of three dimensions as the audience moved around it. It was visible from all directions. I rigged speakers near the gauzes so the ghost's voice appear to come from the spectral image.

Click the image below for a closer look