I worked with Appsbroker, Google's largest European Google Suite reseller and fintech partner, on redesigning, updating and bringing sense to their brand. Their current website is result of this redesign, and looks great.


In communications, I focused on making the offer to clients clear, attractive and robust. This was achieved by keeping the company's language focused, intelligent but without jargon, and reducing as many instances of needless business speak in their copy as possible.

I then boosted their communications by creating rich media to support presentations, with video idents introducing speakers, animations to be displayed at conferences, and statement posters for social media.

Posters and graphics, UI/UX Design was standardised throughout the company, and I created a library of design assets to use on the web, in presentations, and in the company's software design.


This was all brought together through a single cohesive design language across all external communications, wrapped up neatly in a brand book they commissioned from me.


In addition, I advised on bringing more excitement to their events, and vied to get Appsbroker noticed at major expos through innovative event design and animated video.

Scroll down to check out some of my work.

appsbroker event: google suite summit 2016


For the Google Suite Summit in March 2016 I created this animated film showing the future of Appsbroker's SmarterWorking product. All the product shots are animated mock-ups as the product wasn't built at the time.

This video formed part of Amit Singh's (President of Google for Work) keynote at the conference, and screened in front of thousands of attendees in Las Vegas.

appsbroker events: purple peloton & castle in the cloud

appsbroker event: design team exhibition

To launch the Brand Book and marketing redesign, the design team I led produced an exhibition highlighting their work and introducing other team members to the new cohesive design strategy.


brand book

I created a new brand book to accompany Appsbrokers new identity. Take a look at it here.

original communications designs

Produce Poster: Chromeboxes
Produce Poster: Chromeboxes
Produce Poster: Gmail for Work
Produce Poster: Gmail for Work
Recruitment Poster: AB Romania
Recruitment Poster: AB Romania
Comms Poster: Icons
Comms Poster: Icons

These are just some of the hundreds of images and graphics assets I created for Appsbroker.

All the illustrations are original. You can see more of the design I created for Appsbroker here.


animations & idents:

Created this flying butterfly ident for the 2016 redesign

Animated this short recruitment ad for Romanian TV

Ident for comms campaign around cohesive branding

Ident for new Appsbroker office portal product